Getting Started

Please use the quick start check list below to begin using the Clear Touch Interactive Panel.

  • Make sure the panel is plugged in and the power switch is on. You can find the power switch on the underneath of the panel near the cable that plugs into the wall receptacle.

  • Activate the panel by pressing the power button on the right front side, it should be glowing red.

  • Touch the Canvas Icon to begin interacting with the panel.

Safety Tips

  • Please clean the panels with a microfiber cloth.

  • Do not spray any cleaners or liquids directly onto the touch screen.

  • Please keep dry erase markers and/or any markers, pens with stylus ends, basically any writing instrument away from the panels.

Connecting Elmo (Visual Presenter) to the Panel

Conneting your Elmo Visual Presenter to the Clear Touch Panel is as easy as plugging in the USB cable to the right front USB port. The panel will begin using the Elmo.

School Spotlight

The Manchester School District is excited to share how Northwest Elementary School uses their Clear Touch Panels each day to share morning announcements with all classrooms. This is just one example of how Clear Touch Interactive Panels will help transform our schools and our classrooms by providing innovative solutions and opportunities to engage our educators and students.

Please use this link to see their Daily Announcements