Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule (COPPA)

COPPA outlines when parental consent is required to set up user accounts for students under 13 years of age. Additionally, COPPA requires providers of online services to disclose details about what information is being collected from children and what responsibilities service providers have to protect their privacy and safety including restrictions on marketing to children under 13.

The Manchester School District is committed to keeping student data secure and does not endorse the use of any online services that collect a student’s physical address, social security number, telephone number or that provides access to a student’s information to third-party sites for the purpose of marketing to Manchester students. Read more about COPPA here:

PARENTAL PERMISSION: COPPA allows schools to consent to the collection of limited personal information by online services on behalf of students when parents have given permission to do so. This permission will be recorded in the district student information system and will remain in effect until revoked by the parent(s) or guardian(s).

APPROVED TECHNOLOGY: The Manchester School District utilizes apps such as G Suite for Education (formerly Google Apps for Education), EverFi and i-Ready. A list of approved educational applications can be found here: Manchester School District Software Application Status

APPROVAL REQUESTS: All online services that require creation of a student account must be vetted and approved. Teachers who wish to utilize web-based tools or apps that are not on approved applications list must request permission via the Digital Resource Request Form .

COPPA and Student Privacy