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Leading the Manchester School District's 21st century classroom initiatives.

APPROVED TECHNOLOGY: The Manchester School District utilizes apps such as G Suite for Education, EverFi and i-Ready. A list of approved educational applications can be found here.

APPROVAL REQUESTS: All software applications and online services that require creation of a student account must be vetted and approved. To submit an application for approval, please click here.

Purchasing NEW SOFTWARE: Please complete this form prior to purchasing any software or program that has a software component.

End of the Year Technology Collection from Non-Returning Staff

If staff falls into one of the categories listed below, they must return all devices to the building principal or department head by their last working day. This could include any of the following Teacher Laptop, Teacher Desktop, Laptop Cord, i-Pad, any equipment taken home during Covid, Chromebooks etc. This applies to all staff who are:

  • Long Term Substitues

  • Interns

  • Retirments / Resignations

  • Staff not stating the school year ( FMLA, Sabbaticle, Etc. )

  • Transfering Staff ( Devices must be returned to current school and new school will need to issue device in the fall )

Click here to fill out the return form and submit it to us.

Interactive Touch Panels - Coming Spring 2022 - Click here for more information and professional development options.

Mission: The mission of the TRC is to foster self-sufficient schools utilizing technologies which directly support Student Learning Objectives. Learners of all ages must have equitable access to information and technology resources to become problem solvers, researchers, team members, and both creators and consumers of new knowledge. Employing the P21 framework , technology will stimulate collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking (the 4Cs), enabling learners to embrace and understand new concepts and empowering them with the thrill of learning. We will align our 21st century learning initiatives to the Manchester Academic Standards. Support and professional learning for teachers will continue to shift toward job-embedded learning opportunities in 21st century learning environments. Improved operations at the district level will enhance communications between schools, homes and the community.

Vision: A collaborative shared learning environment that empowers educators and students to become co-learners in mastering the skills necessary to succeed as digital citizens in the 21st century workplace and society.

We are committed to developing a standards based technology infrastructure that is sustainable, cost effective, and guided by the U.S. Department of Education National Education Technology Plan , ConnectED and Future Ready initiatives, as well as established International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) standards.

We believe that innovation and creativity are best developed within a collaborative, interactive and engaging educational setting.

Providing low cost, platform agnostic, energy efficient computing that facilitates mobility and collaboration, combined with high speed internet access is our priority for every school in the district. These are the fundamental building blocks to enabling a diverse globally focused 21st century classroom.

Getting technology in the hands of educators and students is our primary goal. We are focused on expanding technology in the classroom by promoting instructional technology. Through our T21 (Training for the 21st Century) program we are making a sustained commitment to provide professional learning that fosters innovative ideas and facilitates new technology adoption.

Through coordinated effort toward a common vision, enabling teachers and students to reach beyond the walls of the classroom, our children will be better prepared to meet the challenges of the 21st century digital citizenship.

"If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change"

Wayne Dyer