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T21 Grad Credit

Participants in the T21 Cohort will have the option to request 3 graduate credits through Framingham State University. In order to be eligible to apply for graduate credit teachers must:
  1. Complete all online modules & post to all discussion forums
  2. Attend both (2) webinars & write a webinar reflection for each session ( in a discussion forum)
  3. Attend all (3) face-to-face workshops for the entire 6 hours per workshop
  4. Complete the final graduate credit project: create and submit a lesson plan, project or activity that integrates the technologies that have been explored throughout the course.  
 Current cost per credit is $75. This may change in the fall, but there shouldn't be a drastic increase. Teachers seeking graduate credit should follow the district course reimbursement process.

Jan 6, 2017, 6:19 AM