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T21 Course Content 2014/15

 Course content for the first face-to-face session and for two 6-module courses are outlined below. This is a suggested but flexible outline. Additional webinar and face-to-face content is being developed for the program.

Face-to-Face Workshop 1 Overview & Description

Introduction & EdTechTeacher Philosophy

  • Topic 1: Overview of Google Chrome & Chromebooks Participants will explore the Google Chrome browser environment & the Chromebook environment - Chrome Extensions - Chrome Web Apps

  • Topic 2: Google Search Strategies & Advanced Searching with Google Participants will explore effective advanced searching strategies within Google & alternate web search tools - Google Advanced Search Tools - Google Customized Search Engine Creation

  • Topic 3: Overview of Google Drive Participants will become familiar with the basics of Google Drive - Creating: Documents & Presentations - Understanding & Manipulating Sharing Settings - Basic Management Strategies for Google Drive - Student Turn in Strategies & Collecting Student Work - Teacher Distribution Strategies & Creating Resource Folders

  • Topic 4: Google Documents Basics & Organization Participants will explore the numerous features within Google Documents - Revision History - Internal Research Tool & Citation Generator - Publishing & Downloading - Table of Contents Creation

  • Topic 5: Formative Assessment with Socrative Participants will explore the ability to run a synchronous formative assessment with Socrative that can include: - Open Response / Multiple Choice - Image based question

Online Modules 1-6 (First Half of the Program)

  • Module 1: Google Docs & Google Docs Management

  • Module 2: Google Forms - Creating synchronous / asynchronous assessment tools within Google Drive

  • Module 3: Reflection / Reading - Classroom applications of Google Docs Participants will read blog posts, articles and specific methods by which educators are integrating Google Documents into a collaborative, 1:1 classroom environment.

  • Module 4: Google Presentations & Collaborative Presentations

  • Module 5: Video Notes & Google Drive Participants will explore a Google Drive applications (Video Notes) that allows students to watch a video (YouTube) & create tagged notes that can be shared through Google Drive.

  • Module 6: Social Bookmarking - exploring Diigo, a web-based tool for organizing and sharing bookmarks

Online Modules 7-12 (Second Half of the Program)

  • Module 7: Philosophy / Framework for Digital Portfolios

  • Module 8: Digital Portfolios Hands on Challenges

  • Module 9: Assessment of Digital Content

  • Module 10: Blogging with Google Blogger

  • Module 11: Personal Learning Network - Readings / Philosophy

  • Module 12: Google+ and Google Communities - Hands on Challenges