T21 Overview

T21 Cohort Overview

Teaching for the 21st Century (T21) is an ongoing program that will provide professional development through face-to-face workshops, live webinars, and online learning modules over the course of year one, with continued facilitated support in year two. This program is provided in collaboration with EdTech Teacher - see edtechteacher.org. The purpose of this program is to provide a cohort of teachers with a solid understanding of 21st century teaching skills. Cohort participants will serve as teacher leaders in their schools to promote the use of instructional technology.

The 2016/17 program will focus on digital citizenship and web-based tools for communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking (4Cs) with a spotlight on Google Apps for Education using Google Chromebooks. 21st Century isn't just about the technology - it's also about the thinking. A major cohort goal will be for teachers to develop projects that will help students learn key academic content while practicing 21st century skills and to begin the process of developing digital portfolios.

What’s in it for educators?

  • First and foremost, educators will gain a better understanding of strategies and ideas to leverage digital tools in the classroom to deepen students’ interest and engagement in academic learning.

  • Teacher participants will receive a Google Chromebook and will gain a full understanding of how to leverage Google tools for communication and collaboration in the classroom.

  • Participation counts toward recertification hours/professional portfolio.

  • Optional graduate credit. Click here for requirements.

Participant Expectations  

Cohort Participants are expected to do the following:

  1. Actively participate in face-to-face** workshops, webinars and online mini-courses, and participant surveys

  2. Contribute to the T21 Cohort by asking questions, responding to others’ questions and sharing ideas in the discussion forum; suggesting resources that will be useful to others  

  3. Contribute to your school by sharing ideas with colleagues

  4. Serve as a “technology guide” providing support to your school in the use of technology in the classroom and to promote the use of Google tools; be willing to demonstrate instructional technology use in the classroom

Principals of participating schools are expected to do the following:

  1. Provide a time and place for cohort participants to share/demonstrate ideas with staff

  2. Communicate regularly with cohort participants

  3. Develop a technology goal for your school (if no technology goals exists)

Principals must document the above expectations by submitting this form as a condition of requisition approval.

Cohort Selection

Up to 25 teachers will be chosen to participate in the 2016/17 cohort based on 1.) teacher commitment 2.) principal commitment 3.) formation of a school team and 4.) a school technology goal. Please see the checklist for selection of cohort. Participants  who answer YES to all items will be given preference. If more than 5 educators per school apply, participants will be chosen through random selection.