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Smarter Balanced Testing Pilot - Parker Varney - Update 5/14/2013

posted Apr 18, 2013, 7:04 AM by   [ updated May 14, 2013, 5:37 PM ]

We completed a very successful live test of the Smarter Balanced online assessments at Parker Varney elementary.  Multiple computer platforms were tested including MacBooks, Chromebooks, ipads and Windows PC’s.  It included computer administered items, a performance task, and a classroom activity. The test was given in two testing periods. We utilized our upgraded building Wifi and Internet bandwidth and all devices performed without a hitch.  I am pleased with the computer density that we achieved with as many as 60 students testing simultaneously.   We will document what we learned relative to the administration of the tests and model this process for all schools grades 3-8 and 11.

A HUGE thank you to teacher and technology mastermind Kelly Jobel whose dedication to  excellence is second to none.  
I also want to recognize that successful technology projects like these require the collaboration of dedicated teams of individuals.
We want to recognize:
- The fifth grade teachers, paras and special education staff
who administered the tests and attended all the meetings to prepare for the test.  
- Parker Varney Principal Amy Allen and Assistant Principal Kevin Henry.
- Paula Greenspan and Brian Demers from the School IT department
- Tim Powell from the School IT department  for all his help with setting up the ipads, chrome books and more.
- Smyth Road School for letting us borrow the Chromebooks. 
- UNH intern Mike who connected the ipads using bluetooth to the keyboards. 
- District Data Analyst, Donna Crook for adding the students to the system. 
- Mrs. Stone for printing labels.  
- Jenn Lowton, SIG tech integration consultant for your help with the ipads the first testing day ... 
- Superintendent Brennan and district administrative staff for your continued support for technology as well as working with the NH Dept of Education.

THANK YOU !!!!!    We couldn't have done it without you ! 

Update 4/18/2013

We have chosen Parker Varney to host a controlled testing of the online assessment Smarter Balanced, currently scheduled for the end of April. Multiple computer platforms using live testing environments will be qualified including MacBooks, Chromebooks, ipads and Windows PC’s.  This will provide a better understanding of the technical challenges that we may face when the testing goes live in 2015.