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Tech Tools: iPad Resources

Link to the Ipad Help tips - Document created by Jennifer Lowton for the iPad User Group.  We will use this document as a knowledge base, to list resource questions, tips and tricks.

Form to add to a central location what apps are being installed at different sites.

Evaluate iPad Apps - Link to Tony Vincent's Learning in Hand blog.  Contains many Rubrics and checklists for evaluating iPad apps.

How we want to use this site:
To create best practice process and standards based on the shared learning of users across the district.

Share ways that iPads are setup and being used at your site.
Share successes and the "neat stuff"
Share issues or concerns by site.

Subjects we would like to add:
Google Form for teachers to evaluate and request an app?
Shared training sessions - example:  how to share files and print on the iPad.

iPad User Group
The iPad user group consist of the following people:
Robin Tafe, Parkside
Helen Brock, Southside
Deb Moreau, Gossler Park ES
Kelly Jobel, Parker-Varney ES
Tim Freeman, Wilson ES
Tim Powell, TRC
Jeff DeLangie, TRC
Jennifer Lowton, GMPDC
Sharon DeVincent, Hallsville
Kimberly Warren, Beech Street
Terry Villemure, West High School
Stephanie Wheeler, Wilson Elementary
Michelle Golden, Gossler