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Tech Tools: Digital Presenters

Digital Presenter - the "Thing" with many names: Document Camera, Digital Visualizer, Digital Overhead...and probably more!

Digital Camera + Overhead Projector = Digital Presenter

A Digital Presenter is a high resolution camera mounted on an arm. It is used to display objects in your classroom. It is connected to a digital projector to display images onto a screen, a wall, or - if nothing else is available I have even used my classroom easel. The Digital Presenter can also be connected to your computer or to an interactive whiteboard. The Elmo has an SD card slot and with a simple push of a button you can capture images onto the card. The AverVision has a USB port as well as internal memory for capturing still and video images.

This is what it looks like:

Elmo TT-02rx
Ipevo P2V
High quality, popular models for between $500 - $600. Select a model to visit the manufacturer's web site where you can view a demo, find teaching ideas,training videos, tutorials, and see other models in a variety of price ranges. LumensSamsung also offer a vriety of digital presenters.
Though it cannot function as a standalone (must run through your computer), at under $70, the Ipevo is a great, low cost alternative.

Easy to use!

There is no steep learning curve. Although the Digital Presenter looks 'fancy' it is practically ready to use right out of the box. Come see one in our lab!

More resources:

The following PDF document found on the Elmo website contains 20 interactive lessons using the digital presenter. This is a large document, but it is worth reviewing: all lesson ideas have photos showing implementation in the classroom so it's easy to grasp the topic without having to read the entire document. And, most of the activities can be adapted for any grade level.

Lesson ideas across grade levels and subject areas can also be found on the AVerMedia website.